Filman and GrabGames Appeared at BJlFF, Boosting World's Top VR Industry


  During the 6th Beijing International Film Festival, in the morning of April 19, Filman held a special film-market event – Filman Brand Launch and International Forum on the Development and Trend of VR – in Beijing International Hotel at the invitation of the organizing committee of the Festival.

  NCF Group Filman CEO Wang Jia, Grab Games (US) CEO Anthony Borquez, SpaceVR CEO Ryan Holmes, Firefly Games Michael Zhang and other guests attended the ceremony.Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming also appeared as a representative of Filmanshareholders in support of the event, witnessing the launching of new Filman brand and thedevelopment and practical application of international VR, together with other guests.

  Wang Jia’s New Interpretation of Filman

  At the forum, Filman CEO Wang Jia shared the connotation of Filman as well as the brand’s achievement since its inception.

  Filman CEO delivered the keynote speech

  In order to adapt to the development of business, better reflect corporate culture and vision, and ensure the consistency between the company's main brand name and the company name, the company's main brand name, its visual image and its website were uniformlynamed "Filman" (literally means “new film man”) since February this year.

  “New” – pursue a newer state always. New is not enough, the newer the better.

  The word “new” represents an attitude of innovation and advancing with times.

  “Film” – be interdependent like form and shadow (the Chinese character for “shadow” and“film” is the same one). Rely on each other, closely linked.

  The word “Film” represents a working style of teamwork, cooperation and mutual help.

  “Man” – help others do good works

  The word “Man” represents Filman’s vision and motivation of “help good people do good works”

  At the same time, besides its investment and financing services in film & television industryand culture industry, Filman has expended its business scope to Internet entertainment platforms, Filman College, Filman charity and so on.

  Speaking of the company’s performances, Filman CEO Wang Jia enumerated some data. Since its inception last September, Filman has provided financial services to 23 film &television projects, with a cumulative turnover of 240 million yuan, including four films:Gatemaster Goodbye Mr. Loser Contradiction War Apostle Walker, among whichGoodbye Mr. Loser made a good box office, and the upcoming movies in2016,Gatemaster, Contradiction War and Apostle Walker, have got very good results on various film festival exhibitions, too. And reality shows, like Triumph in the Skies, Yes! Coach and Yes, I do!, have also made remarkable ratings.

  Work show of Filman

  Wang Jia was very optimistic about the development of China's film and television industryin the next few years. She said that the U.S. film's box-office market grew by 12% over the past five years, while China grew by 154%. In 2015, China’s box office income reached 44billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 48.7%, with annual overall audiences over 1.26 billion, a year-on-year increase of 51.8%. Coming into 2106, by February 23, the Chinese film market has yield 10 billion yuan in just 54 days. So it seems that the prediction thatChina’s film industry will take over 60 billion at the box office in 2016 is totally possible. At the same time, a lot of hot money is entering China's film market; undoubtedly, China's entertainment industry will have unprecedented opportunities in the next three to five years.

  Wang Jia also revealed that Filman has just received A round of financing last week; and the company was valued at 100 million US dollars and received 10 million US dollars of investment.

  Filman CEO Wang Jia

  Grab Games brings brand new VR experience

  Grab Games, a global leading provider of integrated VR solutions and contents, attendedthe event as a strategic partner of Filman. Grab Games CEO Anthony Borquez delivered akeynote speech in which he elaborated Grab Games’s exploration and practice of the practical application of VR technology since the company was established in 2010.

  GrabGames’s main business consists of three sectors: content creation of VR games, VR live broadcast and rebroadcast of professional sporting events, concerts and electronicsports, and solutions for virtual reality showrooms and small theme parks. Collaborating with Internet giants like Microsoft and Google, game companies Blizzard, and Hollywoodfilm company Lionsgate, it has completed a number of projects covering VR game production, VR production of action movies, NBA events broadcast, VR solutions for theme parks, etc.

  “Our goal is to be the best VR company worldwide. To that end, we need a platform and an ecosystem so as to move faster, so we choose Filman.” said Anthony Borquez.

  Grab Games CEO Anthony Borquez

  "We've come a long way to meet the future of VR, so we can imagine that if we have the resources, technology and global network of support which Filman can provide, we’re bound to usher in better development in the future", said Anthony Borquez excitedly at the end of his speech.

  Grab Games CEO Anthony Borquez delivered keynote speech

  Boxing champion Zou Shiming makes cross-border investment, fighting the VR virtual boxing champion

  Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming appeared as a representative of Filman’s10 starshareholders in support of the event.

  In addition to playing a spectacular boxing game with the VR virtual boxer king, this boxing champion in reality also expressed his expectations and imagination of Filman and the VR video game derived businesses they’re marching into.

  “Last year I had my son Xuanxuan, and I’d like to try more exciting roles this year. It’s a pleasure to be part of Filman to try a different life experience, and it’s an identity I’ve never had before,” said Zou Shiming.

  He expressed his vision of the future VR humorously: “Deng Chao sang a song We Are Family (VR family) some days earlier, so I’m sure VR will enter every family.” When asked if he ever had the impulse to make a VR boxing movie, he said it was definitely true, but whether or not he would be up to it will depend on the support of the colleagues and friends as well as efforts of his own.

  Filman star shareholder Zou Shiming made a statement

  Zou Shiming played VR boxing game on the site

  Filman signed contract with Grab Games on the site to explore the future of VR technology together

  NCF Filman never ceases exploring the future of its business such as game development and investment, IP incubation, in-depth mining of IP value, particularly its focus on cutting-edge VR technology, which also opens up new vision for us.

  In her speech, Wang Jia mentioned that Filman rates the new future that VR represents and the boosting effect it will have on entertainment industry, as a result of which Filman has been searching international partner in VR.

  As a global leading production team of VR solutions and contents, Grab Games regards highly of Filman’s powerful industry chain resources as well as its exploration and innovation in film & television and entertainment industry. It was based on this that the two companies established a strategic cooperative relationship.

  Filman signed contract with Grab Games on the site

  Credit cookie: good-looking CEOs assembled in support of Filman

  Good-looking CEO came onstage for group photo. From left, Filman CEO Wang Jia, Grab Games CEO Anthony Borquez、SpaceVR CEO Ryan Holmes, Duyao 001 CEO Yang Hao, Petsknow CEO Gao Maoxiang,Firefly Games CEO Michael Zhang

  In addition to Filman’s debut and the appearance of VR as a new technology at the film festival, there’re a group of young good-looking CEOs showing up in support of the event, including Grab Games CEO Anthony Borquez、SpaceVR CEO Ryan Holmes, Firefly Games CEO Michael Zhang, Duyao001 CEO Yang Hao and Petsknow CEO Gao Maoxiang.

  “Good-looking” is only one of the labels they have, and what they truly represent are hardworking and striving. They do not stay in a rut, fear no authority, make disruptiveinnovation and dig deep in applications in the industries they belong to, which are the spirits that Filman pursues too.

  Looking ahead, Filman CEO Wang Jia expressed using the features of VR that in a virtual reality world, one can create all possibilities, and for Filman, it will keep helping good people go good things,both in the real world and in the virtual world.