NCFG Enters the Financial Market of the UK


  (March 23) NCF Group announced that it had formally entered the financial market of the UK by way of Sun Capital (UK) Ltd on March 20. Sun Capital (UK) Ltd is a financial institution accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and also the first Chinese professional firm of investment management and financial services with official authorization in the UK other than the banks and China International Capital Corporation.

  FCA, a central regulatory body in the financial market investment service industry of the UK, regulates the businesses of banks, insurance and investment. It is the most complete and authoritative financial regulatory body and the firmest law enforcer in the world, and a model for the financial regulatory bodies of all countries, and its accreditation is highly recognized by international investors. As the authorization criteria is very strict, only a few companies can be accredited by the FCA; those accredited companies can not only conduct relevant businesses in the UK, but also easily obtain accreditation by the regulatory bodies of other countries or regions, and thus rapidly develop its businesses across the world.

  Sun Capital (UK) Ltd, as the bridgehead for NCF Group to enter the UK market, is located in the City of London Corporation, the financial center of the world. Its team comprises the Chief Representative of London Stock Exchange in China, the former employees of AIG, Merrill Lynch and LCF, some Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and they boast rich experience in management in the international capital market. Apart from financial services over Internet, the team also provides services of overseas listing, cross-border fund management, immigration planning and overseas merger & acquisition for domestic & foreign customers, and lays a solid foundation for NCF Group to tap into the high-end market of international wealth management, and thus NCF Group is expected to realize internationalization management of capitals.

  NCF Group commits to establishing itself as a first-class Internet finance group and its subsidiaries include Credit China (HK, 8207),, and NCF Credit Investigation. NCF Group devotes to serving medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, helps to reduce their financing costs and improve their financing efficiency, and to realize maketization of financing. NCF Group sees rapid development in recent years and now formally expands its financial service scope from Asia to Europe.